Covering a range of topics from anxiety and OCD in children, teens, and adults.

Five Steps to Handle an OCD Relapse

For many people, managing OCD over the long haul means learning to bounce back from relapses. In terms of OCD, a relapse means a significant increase in intrusive thoughts and compulsions following a period of relatively mild symptoms. If you’ve been through this...

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Five Reasons Group Therapy Might Be For You

Many people have reservations about group therapy. When I discuss the option of joining a group, people often bring up similar concerns. I’ll share these and my responses in the hope that it eases some of your worries. Then I’ll walk you though five reasons group...

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What is Germaphobia?

Technically a fear of germs could be classified as a type of specific phobia where the focus is germs, bacteria, contamination, or infection. Specific phobias (and other mental health conditions) are diagnosed using a specific set of criteria outlined in the...

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How to Cope with Anxiety About the Weather

As I’m writing this, the weather forecast is predicting a strong thunderstorm for later this afternoon. Every 10 minutes on the news, the weather update plays again. The map is full of orange and red, signaling danger. I wonder how many people watching are now...

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