Covering a range of topics from anxiety and OCD in children, teens, and adults.

The Power of Gratitude for Anxiety Relief

Have you ever experienced that burst of joy when someone unexpectedly hands you a cup of coffee from your favorite coffee shop? Or that warm feeling when you find a forgotten ten-dollar bill in your jacket pocket? Gratitude has a way of turning ordinary moments into...

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Mindfulness for Anxiety

Mindfulness for anxiety is not what you think it is.   Although mindfulness is everywhere these days–in your yoga class, your instagram feed, and advertised on streaming services, most people have serious misconceptions about mindfulness and how it works.  This post...

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How to Make Therapy Skills for Anxiety a Habit

In this post I’m going to share how you can work on making a consistent time for your therapy skills for anxiety.  Therapy works best when it becomes a part of your daily life. Despite what many people think, the work of therapy doesn’t happen in session. It happens...

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Three Surprising Ways to Feel Less Anxious

This post is about how you can work on increasing positive emotions to feel less anxious. We often focus on what we can do to decrease unwanted feelings directly. Surprisingly, tackling anxiety and sadness by working on positive feelings can also be effective! Why...

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ERP is Not Working? 6 Barriers Keeping You Stuck

Today’s blog is by Sam Kramer, PhD, a clinician at Anxiety Specialists of St. Louis who specializes in working with adults and older teens who struggle with anxiety, OCD, and related disorders.   Are you feeling confused and discouraged because your ERP is not...

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