Covering a range of topics from anxiety and OCD in children, teens, and adults.

How a CBT Child Therapist Can Support Your Family

When your child struggles with anxiety, sadness, or OCD-like behaviors, it affects the entire family. Watching your child suffer is an agonizing part of parenting. In St. Louis we’re lucky to have a number of outstanding training programs for therapists, which means...

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Find a CBT Therapist in St. Louis

Finding the right therapist for you is one of the most important parts of the therapeutic process. In St. Louis we’re lucky to have many skilled Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) therapists. Choosing the one that’s the best match for your particular needs and...

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Sleep Tips for Managing Anxiety

For many people anxiety and sleep operate in a cycle. Anxiety keeps us up late, scrolling on social media, tossing and turning, or listening to podcasts to drown out worry thoughts. We sleep poorly or not enough, leading to more anxiety and low mood. We cope by...

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The Power of Gratitude for Anxiety Relief

Have you ever experienced that burst of joy when someone unexpectedly hands you a cup of coffee from your favorite coffee shop? Or that warm feeling when you find a forgotten ten-dollar bill in your jacket pocket? Gratitude has a way of turning ordinary moments into...

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Mindfulness for Anxiety

Mindfulness for anxiety is not what you think it is.   Although mindfulness is everywhere these days–in your yoga class, your instagram feed, and advertised on streaming services, most people have serious misconceptions about mindfulness and how it works.  This post...

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