Covering a range of topics from anxiety and OCD in children, teens, and adults.

Medication for OCD Treatment – our FAQs

As therapists here at Anxiety Specialists of St. Louis, we provide behavioral treatments for OCD. However, many people also have questions about medication and other interventions for OCD. In this post I'll provide some general information about medication for OCD, as...

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30 Journal Prompts for Anxiety

Journal Prompts for Anxiety and Worry: Writing Productively This post is includes 30 journal prompts for anxiety. The goal of these prompts is to help you learn something about your worry and how it impacts you, not just to write your worries down on paper. In my...

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The Rise of Anxiety in College Students

Anxiety in college students is on the rise. The pressure to succeed academically in college can be immense, especially if you come from a family or community that highly values educational success. If you’re feeling anxious about academics, your social life, or the...

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Two Ways to Worry Less

In today’s post, I’m going to teach you two ways to worry less, based on some anxiety therapy strategies. When I think about helping people manage worry, I think of it as a two step process. Challenge the thought  by practicing thinking in a more realistic, balanced...

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Exposure and Response Prevention Therapy for OCD

One of our core values at Anxiety Specialists of St. Louis is to use therapies that are evidence based. This means that we use treatments that have strong research showing that they are effective for a particular symptom or disorder. In this post we'll focus primarily...

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