Break free From your Fear of Vomiting

We offer step-by-step treatment plans for emetophobia so you can stop living in fear and live life the way you want

Online and in person in St. Louis, Missouri

  • -Stop panicking at the mention of vomiting
  • -Eat and travel with less stress
  • -Reduce your overthinking so you can be present with loved ones
fear of vomiting therapy

Does this sound familiar?

  • Anxiety when someone casually mentions the “stomach bug”
  • Fear of eating in public, including sharing food or utensils in groups
  • Guilt that if your child gets sick you won’t be able to take care of them
  • Nervousness about upcoming travel, thinking about exposure to germs and if someone might throw up in the car or on the plane and you’ll feel trapped
  • Feeling like you can’t make commitments in case you don’t feel well
  • Dread any time your kid mentions a classmate was sick at school
  • Regret over lost opportunities at work or experiences you could have had with your kids

The fear of vomiting can overshadow your daily activities, making what seems simple to others feel insurmountable to you. 

emetophobia therapy

Take Back Your Life with Emetophobia Therapy That Really Works

Learn concrete strategies that actually help.

We know how overwhelming and isolating emetophobia can be, affecting every decision you make. But with the right support and therapy, we believe you can reclaim your freedom and enjoy life without constant fear.

Our expert therapists have worked with many people struggling with emetophobia. We’ve helped them conquer their fear and we can do the same for you!

Here’s How We Help

Science-based Therapy

We are dedicated to using the most successful treatments for anxiety and OCD. These include Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) and exposure and response prevention (ERP)  to decrease anxiety.

Connect with Your values

Our emetophobia therapy focuses on reconnecting you with your core values. We’ll work towards a life where your actions and choices are aligned with what truly matters to you, without the constraints of fear.

Develop An Attitude of Mindfulness

Learning to be more present in your life means you won’t miss out on the little things that bring you joy. You’ll learn to slow down so you can connect with what matters most and let troubling thoughts go.

working together

We know a lot about emetophobia therapy in general, but you are the expert on your own fears. We’re always working together as a team to make decisions about facing fears and building strategies to handle anxiety.

Practical Skills

You’ll learn practical ways to manage anxiety. You’ll change your fear and disgust so that you can be present with your family, friends, care for loved ones, and participate in life outside the house.

Stop Avoiding

Together we’ll develop a roadmap to overcome avoidance. You’ll create a plan to gradually face the situations you’ve been avoiding. With every step you’ll move closer to a life you love.

Home Practice

Homework helps make everything  really stick. Doing exercises between meetings will help you get better faster, because you’re using the new skills in your everyday life. It’s all about taking small steps that add up to big changes.

Results-Driven Sessions

CBT is a time-limited therapy approach, so each of your sessions is productive and focused on helping you develop new skills and strategies for dealing with anxiety. 



Our emetophobia therapy is designed to empower you with the tools and support to live a life with less fear and more family, fun, and freedom.”

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