Help Your Child Beat Anxiety with Confidence

 Our specialized therapists teach concrete skills so your child can break free from anxiety and OCD reclaim the fun of growing up

Online and in person in St. Louis, MO

Breaking the Cycle of Anxiety

Does this sound familiar?

  • Your child seems lonely and left out. They’re spending way too much time alone and on social media.
  • Your child has a lot of worries. They’re constantly asking you about their “what if…?” questions and needing your reassurance.
  • Your child seems uncomfortable and unsure in situations, especially new or unfamiliar situations. 
  • Your child avoids situations that cause discomfort, asking to stay home or refusing to go.
  • Your child has a lot of unexplained stomach aches, headaches, and other illnesses
  • Your child wants things done in a particular way and gets very upset if others don’t cooperate. 

Kids shouldn’t have to live like this. We believe your child deserves to have a happy, carefree childhood. 

Empowering Your Child to Overcome Anxiety & OCD so

They Can Focus on Kid Stuff

We understand how painful it is to see your child suffering with anxiety, stuck in the cycle of avoidance and fear.

Our child and teen anxiety therapists are highly trained experts, committed to helping your child build confidence to navigate their anxiety or OCD. 

We’ve helped hundreds of kids and teens learn practical skills to manage anxiety and we can do the same for your child!

How We Help

When it comes to treating your child’s anxiety and especially OCD, the importance of specialized care cannot be overstated. At times generalist therapists do not have the focused expertise needed for these complex conditions.

Many families seek us out after finding that general talk therapy wasn’t helpful and they’re looking for more concrete skills. 

We use the most effective, evidence-based methods specifically tailored for managing anxiety and OCD in kids and teens. This specialized approach helps our clients resolve their challenges and truly reclaim their lives.

How It Works

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Step 1. Book Your Free Consultation

We’ll talk to understand you and your child’s needs. We’ll answer all your questions and you can decide if we’re a good fit.

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Step 2. Get Your Treatment Plan

We’ll  guide your child through a custom, session-by-session treatment plan. Your child will learn concrete skills to practice so they can start to feel better fast.

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Step 3. Get Back to Life

Your child will have skills to manage anxiety so they can develop confidence, speak up, and enjoy quality time with friends and family, 

What You Can Expect

Structured, goal-oriented sessions that provide a clear roadmap of what to expect and how your child and their therapist are going to reach therapy goals. No unstructured talk therapy here.

Practical strategies to overcome negative thoughts, with guided worksheets and activities so your child knows what to do when they feel overwhelmed with “what if…?” thoughts.

A plan to tackle avoidance so that your child can start living life like other kids, making friends, playing sports and joining clubs, and enjoying life. 

Homework assignments between sessions makes sure you and your child know what they’re working on so that progress happens both inside and outside of weekly meetings. This helps your child feel better faster.

Your Child Deserves to Live Life Free from Anxiety

Empower your child to rise above anxiety and reclaim the joy of their childhood. Taking that first step towards managing anxiety helps them build their confidence and unlock their full potential.