Intensive therapy for panic

Panic attacks can be terrifying. They can strike without warning, leaving you feeling helpless and out of control. Intensive therapy for panic attacks teaches you skills to manage and diminish attacks in an accelerated format so you can feel better faster. In this...

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Emetophobia: Common Triggers, Symptoms, and Treatment

No one likes to throw up, but for most people, vomiting is a temporary unpleasant experience. But if you have emetophobia, the fear and dread associated with vomiting can take over your life. You might find yourself avoiding places, situations, foods, shows, or movies...

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30 Journal Prompts for Anxiety

Journal Prompts for Anxiety and Worry: Writing Productively This post is includes 30 journal prompts for anxiety. The goal of these prompts is to help you learn something about your worry and how it impacts you, not just to write your worries down on paper. In my...

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The Rise of Anxiety in College Students

Anxiety in college students is on the rise. The pressure to succeed academically in college can be immense, especially if you come from a family or community that highly values educational success. If you’re feeling anxious about academics, your social life, or the...

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