Fast-Track Your Recovery with Our Therapy Intensive Program

With focused sessions designed to help you manage anxiety and overcome avoidance fast!

Online and in person in St. Louis, Missouri

Conquer Your Fear and Find Freedom Again

We offer a Therapy Intensive Program for people who are ready to go from constantly on edge to enjoying life again.

If you’ve been experiencing…

  • Anxiety anytime someone mentions the thing you’re afraid of
  • Fear of coming into contact with triggers, expected and unexpected
  • Your world becoming smaller and smaller as your avoidance gets worse 
  • Dread about the idea of coming into contact with the thing you fear
  • Guilt for missing out on experiences with loved ones because it just feels too hard sometimes
  • Regret over lost opportunities at school, work, or experiences you could have had with family or friends

Intensive therapy can help you…

  • Get through the hard stuff quicker. Jump start your progress toward recovery with focused work.
  • Learn practical ways to manage anxiety fast. You’ll develop coping skills that work so that you can spend more time with your family, friends, and life outside the house.
  • Develop a roadmap to overcome avoidance. We’ll create a plan to gradually face the situations you’ve been avoiding. With every step you’ll move closer to a life you love. 

What is an intensive therapy program?

Intensives are an alternative to the traditional once a week way of doing therapy.

Intensives are designed to help you make fast progress in your treatment in a short amount of time. They involve spending several hours together doing focused exposure work to help you meet a specific goal.

Intensives can be full days (6 hours) or half days (2 to 3 hours) and can be adapted based on your needs.

While an intensive is not going to “cure” your anxiety in a single session or day, it can help you see results more quickly. You may still need additional sessions but intensives can jump start your progress.

Are intensives right for me?

We offer an Intensive program for people who are ready to go from constantly on edge to living life again.

An intensive might be a good fit for you if…

  • You want results quickly. You are just so done living this way.
  • You’re highly motivated to take action on your fear now.
  • Your schedule doesn’t allow for once a week appointments or you don’t prefer weekly appointments.
  • You have a specific behavioral goal you’re working toward (going on a trip, caring for a sick child, attending a medical appointment, etc.)

An intensive might NOT be a good fit for you if…

  • You’re not clear on what results you’re looking for.
  • You’re not sure you’re ready to tackle the source of your anxiety.
  • You’re not able to dedicate several hours at a time to therapy.

What are the benefits of an intensive?

1. Intensives can speed up progress over a short period of time.

2. With an intensive you can skip long waiting lists and be seen sooner.

3. When you’re limited to a 45 minute session it’s difficult to get out of the office. With additional time, you can go out in the real world and practice skills in the setting where you feel anxious.

How does the intensive work?

Before the intensive, we meet for an intake and planning session (55 minutes). In this session you’ll tell your therapist about the anxiety you’re having, your triggers, and the ways this fear is getting in your way. You describe the outcomes you want from the intensive and set a clear goal. We then schedule the date for the intensive (approximately 1 to 2 weeks later).

Between our first meeting and the intensive, you’ll complete prep work that will help you build motivation and learn some basic skills to use during the intensive day. During this time your therapist will work on writing the plan for the day and outlining the steps you’ll take to get to your goal.

Your plan will be based on Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Exposure Therapy strategies.

Other FAQs


Can my child schedule an intensive with you?

At this time intensives are available for adults and teens 16 years and up.

What is my investment?

The cost of the intensive is $170 per treatment hour. The total cost would include the intake session and the cost of the intensive ($680 for a 3 hour intensive or $1020 for 6 hours).

When can I schedule my intensive day?

Please call our intake coordinator at 314-462-2965 or complete our consultation form for more information.

Will my insurance cover an intensive?

We are not in network with insurance. We can provide a superbill for the intake session (CPT code 90791) and for the intensive day (CPT code 90837). Please be aware that insurance will not reimburse for more than one 90837 code per day, so you would not be able to get reimbursement for more than one hour of the session.

Can I do an intensive virtually?

We find that intensives are best done in person. If your treatment target involves something in your home (for example, something related to contamination) we can discuss the possibility of the therapist traveling to you.

What if I’m already in therapy? Can I still do an intensive for emetophobia?

If you’re already in therapy you can still benefit from an intensive. We’re happy to coordinate with your current therapist about how this intensive might fit in with your current treatment plan.

If you have more questions or would like to talk about if an intensive is right for you, book your consultation below.