Covering a range of topics from anxiety and OCD in children, teens, and adults.

Three Surprising Ways to Feel Less Anxious

This post is about how you can work on increasing positive emotions to feel less anxious. We often focus on what we can do to decrease unwanted feelings directly. Surprisingly, tackling anxiety and sadness by working on positive feelings can also be effective! Why...

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ERP is Not Working? 6 Barriers Keeping You Stuck

Today’s blog is by Sam Kramer, PhD, a clinician at Anxiety Specialists of St. Louis who specializes in working with adults and older teens who struggle with anxiety, OCD, and related disorders.   Are you feeling confused and discouraged because your ERP is not...

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CBT For Anxiety: The Basics

In this blog I’ll review the basics of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) for anxiety. I’ll go over what you need to know about anxiety and its disorders, simple CBT inspired steps you can take to tackle anxiety, and how to reach out if you need more support....

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Emetophobia: Common Triggers, Symptoms, and Treatment

No one likes to throw up, but for most people, vomiting is a temporary unpleasant experience. But if you have emetophobia, the fear and dread associated with vomiting can take over your life. You might find yourself avoiding places, situations, foods, shows, or movies...

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Medication for OCD Treatment – our FAQs

As therapists here at Anxiety Specialists of St. Louis, we provide behavioral treatments for OCD. However, many people also have questions about medication and other interventions for OCD. In this post I'll provide some general information about medication for OCD, as...

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