Get Skills That Actually

Work for Anxiety

Personalized CBT Treatment Plans and Expert Guidance for Anxiety Relief

Online and in person in St. Louis, Missouri

  • Stop overthinking and be more present
  • Find joy in everyday moments again
  • Discover confidence as you actively reduce your anxiety

You’re doing the best you can and yet you’re still… 

  • Overthinking the smallest things and don’t know how to stop
  • Feeling panicky and overwhelmed
  • Having trouble relaxing and enjoying simple things
  • Getting so focused on your anxiety that it’s hard to be present
  • Avoiding situations because they just feel too hard
  • Feeling isolated and alone because other people in your life just don’t get it

You shouldn’t have to live under a constant cloud of anxiety. 

Don’t Waste Any More Time

Learn concrete strategies that actually help.

We know the suffering and frustration that comes from living with anxiety.

We’ve helped hundreds of people with anxiety learn actionable skills so they can stop overthinking, feel more comfortable, and get their lives back. 

And we can do the same for you!

Here’s How We Help

Science-based Therapy

We are dedicated to using the most successful treatments for anxiety and OCD. These include Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) and exposure and response prevention (ERP)  to decrease anxiety.

Change Your Thoughts

You’ll develop a more flexible, realistic mindset so you can spend less time worrying, ruminating, and overthinking.

Develop An Attitude of Mindfulness

Learning to be more present in your life means you won’t miss out on the little things that bring you joy. Learn to slow down so you can connect with what matters most.

Collaborate on Goals

We know a lot about CBT in general, but you are the expert on your own anxiety. We’re always working together as a team to build your toolkit to handle anxiety.

Practical Skills

CBT is based on the idea that thoughts, behaviors, and emotions all work together. This means that we have clear symptoms to work on so you know what skills to use and when to use them.

Stop Avoiding

If anxiety has kept you from doing what you want, we’ll work to gradually tackle those areas so you can get unstuck and move forward in living a life you love.

Practice and Feedback

Homework takes general ideas you talk about and turns them into strategies you can actually use. If something isn’t working, come back and troubleshoot with your therapist.

Results-Driven Sessions

CBT is a time-limited therapy approach, so each of your sessions is productive and focused on helping you develop new skills and strategies for dealing with anxiety. 

Our goal is to teach you as much as we can about CBT so you can work toward being your own therapist.

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