Take Back Control from OCD

Ditch talk therapy and work with therapists specialized in the methods that work best for OCD to get real results

 online and in person in St. Louis, MO

OCD Has Taken Over Your Life

You’re feeling panicky and overwhelmed with anxiety. Nothing you’re doing is bringing the relief you’re hoping for. You’re having weird thoughts that you don’t want- thoughts that might be scary, disgusting, or embarrassing to talk about. You’re spending way too much time researching online, asking other people what they think, and generally overthinking everything.  You don’t know how to get rid of these sticky thoughts and you’re willing to do anything.

This is no way to live. We believe everyone can recover from OCD with the right help.

Find Freedom From OCD and Get Your Life Back 

We know that living with OCD is a unique kind of suffering. 

We’ve dedicated ourselves to specializing in approaches that really work. We’ve helped hundreds of people get control back from OCD to find moments of peace and enjoy life again.

And we can do the same for you!

We Work With All OCD Themes


Concerns related to germs, bacteria, chemicals, or other contaminants


Thoughts about harming yourself or others, even though you don’t want to


Unwanted thoughts that are scary, disgusting, or humiliating


Doubts about your partner, romantic relationships, and friendships

Sexual Orientation

Preoccupation with with sexual orientation or gender identity

Real Event

Uncertainty about real events in our life or rumination about a past event

Just Right

Concern that objects or situations must be handled in a particular way so that they feel “right”


Obsessions with movements or bodily sensations like blinking, swallowing, breathing, etc.

Religious or Moral

Excessive concerns about adhering to religious principles or doing the right, moral thing


Preoccupation with unanswerable questions about the meaning of life and what’s real

What Our Clients Can Expect From Us

Our experienced therapists use treatments targeted specifically at OCD to ensure that treatment actually works so you can get unstuck from OCD as quickly as possible. 

We’ll work together with you to create a step-by-step treatment plan to help you reach your goals. You’ll learn practical strategies to get control back from OCD so you can find moments of peace again.

We use both exposure and response prevention (ERP) therapy and Inference-Based CBT (ICBT) to work with OCD symptoms.

While ERP has decades of research to support it ICBT also has a place in our treatment plans.

Exposure and Response Prevention Therapy 

ERP is designed to help you confront things that you’re afraid of giving yourself a chance to learn that anxiety is temporary and the thing you’re most afraid of is unlikely to happen. 

With exposure therapy, you’re always in the driver’s seat. We’re right there with you on the passenger side, giving directions, encouragement, and sometimes pushing you out of your comfort zone but you control the speed and the destination. If you’d like to learn more, read our guide on ERP therapy for OCD. 

Inference-Based Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

ICBT is an alternative to ERP. ICBT is a cognitive therapy based on the idea that people with OCD use faulty reasoning devices, which leads them to confuse what’s possible with what’s likely. 

ICBT does not include any exposure. Instead, it focuses on first helping you understand how and why you made the inference you did. It then helps you change your perspective so that your doubts no longer seem important or urgent.