Online Therapy

Online Therapy for Anxiety and OCD

Online therapy is more widely available now than ever before. If you live in Missouri, you can see any of our therapists online. If you live in another state, you may be able to work with one of our psychologists.

Benefits of Online Therapy
Meeting virtually is a great option in a number of circumstances. Online therapy can be more convenient than in person therapy. If you’re busy, meeting online allows you to meet before or after work, or during your lunch break without using extra time to commute to and from the office. If you work from home or are taking care of children, meeting online allows you to make time for yourself without having to arrange for childcare. If you’re feeling ill or the weather is bad, there’s no need to miss a therapy appointment.

Online therapy also gives you greater choice in finding the right therapist. If you live in a rural area it can be hard to find expert therapists who work with anxiety and OCD. Meeting online means you aren’t limited by physical location in choosing the best therapist for you or your child.

Meeting in your home also has advantages that may improve your treatment results. For many people, symptoms often occur at home. We’ve found that being able to work together in the environment where triggers occur naturally allows us to guide you through skills in a more hands on way. For some people, a fear of driving or other symptoms may make it hard to leave your house. With online meetings, we can temporarily bring therapy to you in your home or even in your car as we work on meeting your goals.

Online therapy is Effective
There is now a significant amount of research showing that online therapy works for a number of symptoms, including anxiety, depression, and PTSD symptoms. A meta-analysis from 2017 examined 19 studies and almost 3,000 participants to determine the effect of internet delivered CBT on anxiety depression. Their results showed that the treatment had a significant effect on decreasing symptoms ( Another study in 2018 combined the results from 20 studies comparing online CBT to in person CBT for a broad range of mental health conditions. They found that overall there was no difference in outcomes for people who received therapy online or in person ( ). These studies tell us that we can be confident that online therapy works!
What you Need to Get Started
There are few things to keep in mind before your first online therapy appointment. First, test out your internet connection. Make sure you have a strong and stable wifi connection. If your wifi is shaky, connecting directly with an ethernet cable can make a big difference.
( ). These studies tell us that we can be confident that online therapy works!
Privacy and Confidentiality in Online Therapy
Your confidentiality is top priority for your therapist. We use HIPAA secure messaging and videoconference software for our therapy meetings. Before your session, you’ll receive a link that takes you directly to the meeting. There’s no need to log in or download any additional software. For the meeting, it may be best to go to a room with a door that closes and ensure that other occupants of your living space are occupied so you can focus on your session. Using headphones or earbuds can help so that others don’t overhear what your therapist is saying. Interruptions happen, but if you wouldn’t bring your mail person, plumber, or roommate to an in person therapy session, it’s probably best to keep your online sessions private too.