Social Anxiety

Build Friendships and Independence

We offer Teen Social Anxiety group therapy to help teens overcome anxiety and develop skills to build friendships and confidence to do things on their own.

Social anxiety can make social situations stressful for teens, leading to feelings of loneliness and making it hard to build strong friendships.

If your teen is:

  • Spending too much time on their phone, scrolling by themselves and feeling isolated
  • Feeling nervous in social situations, withdrawing and seeming like they don’t know what to say
  • Is overly self-critical of their behavior in social situations, worrying four hours or days afterward

Our group can help!

For social anxiety, sometimes individual therapy isn’t enough. Socially anxious teens benefit from opportunities to practice in social situations with peers, a situation a one-on-one therapy session can’t provide.

In group therapy your teen will:

  • ZFeel accepted
  • ZLearn tools to change negative self-talk
  • ZDevelop strategies to speak up in social situations
  • ZBuild real world connections

Don’t let social anxiety hold your teen back from forming meaningful relationships