Teen Social Anxiety Group Therapy

For teens who feel awkward and left out but want to build meaningful connections. It’s painful to see your child home alone after school and on weekends. You know they have a bright personality with so much to offer but they struggle to branch out. Watching shows and spending hours on their phone only seems to make things worse. 

Group therapy provides a safe space to practice getting comfortable with other teens who get it.

Weekly group therapy

Led by experienced therapist Amy Kurz, LCSW, this Cognitive Behavioral Therapy group will give teens opportunities to practice social skills to enhance engagement in school settings and improve relationships.

Benefits of group therapy:

  • get support
  • make new friends
  • decrease loneliness
  • practice conversation
  • develop skills speaking in front of a small group
  • play social games
  • learn coping strategies for social situations
  • improve interpersonal effectiveness
Group Details

Wednesdays in person, 4:00 to 5:00 PM

Ages 13 to 18 years

$60 per session

Limited to 8 participants

To get started, schedule a free consultation to talk with our care coordinator about the group.  If you decide to move forward, you’ll schedule an individual intake session so Amy can get to know you better and discuss your goals.