Overcome Your Emetophobia

We offer an online Emetophobia Therapy Group for moms who are ready to go from scared to leave the house to living life freely, without dread and embarrassment.

If you’ve been experiencing…

  • Fear of eating in public, including sharing food or utensils in groups
  • Anxiety when someone casually mentions the “stomach bug”
  • Guilt that if your child gets sick you won’t be able to take care of them
  • Nervousness about upcoming travel, thinking about exposure to germs and if someone might throw up in the car or on the plane and you’ll feel trapped
  • Dread any time your kid mentions a classmate was sick at school
  • Regret over lost opportunities at work or experiences you could have had with your kids

This group will help you…

  • Learn practical ways to manage anxiety. You’ll change the way you respond to fear and disgust so that you can move toward rather than away from your family, friends, and life outside the house.
  • Develop a roadmap to overcome avoidance. You’ll create a plan to gradually face the situations you’ve been avoiding. With every step you’ll move closer to a life you love.
  • Find support and encouragement with others who truly get it. You won’t be alone in this process. You’ll be surrounded by a group of other moms who understand your struggle because they’re facing it too.
Go from feeling scared and trapped to free to live life outside the comfort of your home.

Group begins in January.

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